Our Dream Car!

We rented a house here that has a garage but we don't have a car yet. We had been wanting and dreaming to have one soon but I know in God's time , He will surely give us our desire since we badly need it. We just have to wait patiently when will the Lord will provide this dream car of ours.

Here are some photos of our dream car!

                                       The Hyundai Grand Starex Black Limo

That's 2.5 million pesos

                                                               inside of this car

and here's our other dream car! 

                                                  The Hyundai Grand Starex

                                            The price is 1.6 million pesos

                              The specs is almost the same as the Starex Limo

These are all great cars which is perfect for my family! Since we have a huge family and these 10 seater cars  is just the right one. Were still keep on hoping and keep believing that one day, God will pour out His financial blessings to us so that we will be able to buy one of these dream car soon. 

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