Watch out for Humor Me Makoy Contest and Win Huge Prizes!

Makoy is going to spread  a laughter and a prize!  It is just bizarre for him that some of his readers find his posts funny even in reality that he was in pain or was very frustrated. That's why he came up with the concept of this contest.

The contest is very simple especially to his readers from day 1. All you need to do is to pick the funniest post in his old personal blog (now a music blog) or in his current personal blog. His post can be a series or just a single post. You need to link the post title and the reason why it is hilarious for you. The next paragraph should include your own funny story. You may also include your wacky photo if it pleases you.

The entry should also include "Humor Me Makoy Contest" badge and also the link of the three major sponsors.

The grand winner of the contest will get $200 cash prize and there would be three consolation prize which would receive $50 each.

Contest starts on April Fools Day, April 1. The winner will be picked by Makoy and the three major sponsors. Announcement of winner will be announced on Labor Day, May 1.

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