What's My SHOEs Today?

Here's another Seven Heaven On Earth of mine(SHOEs) for today. The things, places, events, items, and people in my life that I truly appreciate with and makes me feel happy, proud,and thankful for.

 1. Thank You Lord for the Rain! At last it rained here in our place for 2 days now. We had all been praying for the rain because we experienced more than 2 weeks of scheduled rotational brown out here in our city because of the low level of hydro electric source from falls and other bodies of water that generates the electricity here. Now we don't experience brown outs anymore. Our prayers has been answered and we are so thankful for God's mercy and grace. 

2. Today is Sunday and its our Church Service. We never miss any Sundays because we want to spend time with the Lord in giving Him Thanks and Praises and of course in listening to His word. Look at our church, we don't have a church building, our floor is pure soil and we don't have a nice and comfortable seats but God is not looking on it. He is looking for a pure heart and sincere people who worships Him in spirit and in truth. And this is what I love about our church because we can always feel his Holy presence moving in each one of us. God is moving in such a powerful way in our lives and He used our Pastor who is a very young 22 years old who devoted his life to Christ. Since my mother-in-law who is our Senior Pastor  passed away last year, my brother-in-law who is our Youth Pastor continued the works of our Senior Pastor.

3. "Into the Hands Of God"  Christian Fellowship. That's the name of our church which we also used for our T-shirt prints. I really like this T-shirts which is designed by our young people who is a member of our church also. That's me and my daughter above and my daughter's solo shot. We had a concert healing crusade at that time where we used these lovely t-shirts as our music team's uniform. 

4. Aside from being the Praise and Worship leader of our church, here's my other talent which is playing the base guitar. Though I only know a few basic chords but I am happy and proud of it!

5. Family of Musicians. Yes they are! That's my hubby at the right side playing the lead guitar, my brother-in-law who is our Pastor and also our drummer and my father-in-law at the left side who plays the base guitar and also our keyboardist. Aren't they multi- talented? I am very much proud of my them and I am happy to be a part of their Christian family. 

 6. After our church service, we also also take our time to visit my mother-in-law in the cemetery. That's my brother-in-law, my daughter and my hubby from the pic above. We always want to remember her being the leader of our church and as a mother because we are so proud of her. And I know she is living happily now with the Lord.

7. Sunday Time is also our Family Time. We usually go to the mall, let our daughter play on her favorite fun rides, do some shopping and eat together. It's a fun day for us and we really enjoy and cherished it. Its a  happy family bonding indeed! 

Well, this is my S.H.O.E.S. for today (Seven Heaven On Earth, seven things, events, places or whatever that I appreciate.) which is being treasured in my heart FOREVER. 


This is my entry for an additional "Catch Up with Points" in Earthlingorgeous Blogversary Contest.


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