What’s your SHOE Today? My Seven Heaven On Earth (SHOEs)

What's my shoe today? No, its not the shoe that we used for walking but I am talking to My Seven Heaven On Earth things, places, events, items, and people in my life that I truly appreciate with and makes me feel happy, proud,and thankful for.

                                                            My Adorable Daughter

1. She's my precious little angel ! I am really amused by my daughter's actions, talents and skills as she grows up to be an intelligent, obedient and God-fearing girl. As a Christian, I am teaching my daughter how to live a life with God in our lives and I am so happy and proud of her because she already knows how to pray, she knows who Jesus is, and she even helped me in singing while I am leading the Praise and Worship service in our church.

                                                   My very kind and loving Hubby

2. Me and my hubby has been married for more than 5 years already and as a young couple, there is always been  the ups and downs, the happy and sad days of our lives that we experienced each and everyday. However, we still able to manage and overcome this because we are sealed with God's Love and Faithfulness.

Our Internet Cafe Business 

3. Me and my hubby manages our own i-cafe business and this is our primary household income and even though this time we are affected by the daily rotational brownout schedule here in our city, God is Good because we were still able to cope up in paying our bills and we can buy things for our daily needs.

                                                                      My Oldie Laptop

4. Well Yes! its an old one but its still working...LOL! Getting online everyday serves as my hobby already. I just can't live without it. I usually do my online stuffs with my laptop in our bedroom but since our house and our i-cafe shop is just in one place, when I am the attendant of our cafe, I am using our server / timer pc in doing my online blogging and communicating with my loved ones abroad.

                                                                My Evermissed Mum

5. She is the Best Mom in the world! My Super Mom who is a very sweet, loving and understanding mom! Though I did not grew up with her because she works abroad and left me when I was still 6 years old, but I am still thankful to God that she is always looking after me making sure that I am okay here. I am so happy she will be having a 1 month vacation this coming May so we will see each other again. I just missed you a lot Mom! She is my sister, my friend, my fashion guru and best of all my ever loving mom of all!

                                      I used my talent to glorify and honor God

6. I used to be a dancer during my high school and college days and I also have this golden voice but since I became a Christian, I used my talent in singing where I used to be the Praise and Worship leader of our church for almost 6 years now and we already performed in many different churches, places, and fellowship gatherings. My hubby is the one playing the lead guitar too. We offer up our lives to God and we want to use our talent to Honor Him and Glorify His Name!

And What's the Result? 

                               I Received a $500 Special Donation for our Church 

 We bought a set of cymbals, stand and pedal for our drum set in our church

7. I joined a Blog Awards Contest in YouSayToo  and even though I did not win the 1st prize, God is so Good because he touched the heart of the admin of the site and they donated $500 for our church in buying some additional instruments because that is my purpose why I joined their contest.

Well, this is my S.H.O.E.S. for today (Seven Heaven On Earth, seven things, events, places or whatever that I appreciate.) which is being treasured in my heart FOREVER. 


This is my entry for an additional "Catch Up with Points" in Earthlingorgeous Blogversary Contest.

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