Girls Talk -One of My Most Expensive Lunch & Dessert

It's Girls Talk once again and for this week its all about my most expensive food that I had ever had.

Actually I can only eat some expensive foods when my mom will have her holiday here in Philippines once in every 2 to 3 years. She loves eating and dining in an expensive hotel and restaurant. And of course that's the time I can only eat those unique and so expensive foods. My mom usually spends around P2,000 / $45 in just one meal so just imagine we eat 3 meals a day plus some snacks in an expensive cafe and coffee shop.

Here are some expensive foods  I had eaten.

A Meat Platter from Apple Tree Hotel and Resort. It includes Liempo, fried chicken with sauce, grilled squid and fish tilapia. It costs P800 / $ 18 good for 3 person.

Another one is a Seafood Platter also from Apple Tree Hotel and Resort.  . It includes Kinilaw, shrimp, rellenong bangus and fried squid rings. It also costs P800. It's expensive but its really delicious!

Expensive Dessert? Well Yes it is! It is called The Titanic Treat from Bigby’s Restaurant

A big bowl of different flavored ice cream, fruits, brownies, chocolate chips and cookies! It costs around P700 /  $15  but its good for 3 person already. This one's so yummy indeed! 

Oh! And by the way, my mom will have her 1 month holiday next month and I'm sure its gonna be an eating out time again! Woohoo! I love it! It's my favorite.. hahaha! This time I'm gonna bring my camera so I can take some pics on every expensive food that we are going to eat. lol!

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