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I am an avid follower and reader of Makoy’s Blog because I really enjoyed his blog where he shares his personal life experiences with an added humor in it. His Not So Lonely Birthday really amused me because even though he is all alone celebrating his birthday in his place in Singapore, he still enjoyed his birthday with his little "handa", which is "The Patola with miswa and Chicken Balls." And his cake, since he cannot afford to buy a Black Forest cake because it costs $10, he just bought a chocolate muffin that only costs 80 cents...isn't that cute? He also treated himself with some Pinoy Junkfoods. Cool! I would also try that one when my birthday comes. It's simple yet satisfying, right?

Now speaking about my birthday, I also have my own "Not so Lonely Birthday" which is my entry for Humor Me Makoy Contest and this birthday of mine happened a year ago where I was really amused on my daughter's funny reaction about the food that we had prepared for my birthday.

We cooked a native chicken adobo and it takes time to cook it since its a native "bisayang manok" and it has a hard meat in it but my daughter is just hungry. at that time.  She even sat at our dining table and she can't wait for the viand to cook so she just ate the rice first. Just look at her reaction with her eyebrows! She wanted to say, "What's this? Only rice and no viand? "...

This time the native chicken adobo has been cooked already together with our other viand which is the "tuyo" or the dried fish. My daughter was actually glad when she saw the viand but she was just looked surprised on the flash of the camera when she saw it that's why her reaction was a bit shocked who  wants to say, " Hey Mom! Stop taking pics of mine, I'm eating!" lol...

After she sat down at our dining table and ate, she wanted to change her clothes because she was so dirty but she did not leave the native chicken's drumstick on her hand even if I already changed her clothes. She still wants to eat it and since its a native one, it took her time to eat it because of its hard meat.

It was a simple birthday of mine with simple foods in it but I really enjoyed it together with my hubby and  my daughter's funny moves and reactions.

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