I Just Sold another Stuff in Ebay!

I am so glad because finally my hubby's phone where I listed in Ebay had been sold yesterday and I immediately received the payment using  Globe G-cash and I already sent the item using our local courier Air21 today. The buyer will receive the package tomorrow.

Selling items in Ebay really helps me a lot because it serves as my extra income online.

To those who wants to sell their items in Ebay, just make it sure you write an honest description of the item. For example, write the description whether its brand new, slightly used or defective one. If its defective, write what's the defect of the item and if its still repairable or not. My hubby's phone has a slight defect because the earpiece is not working and I clearly wrote down on its description what's the defect of the item.

If you want your item using the "Buy it now" option, Compare your selling price from other sellers who are also selling the same item you listed. Lower your price so that buyers will be interested to buy your item.

I hope these tips could also help you out in selling some of your stuffs. 

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