Levy, Red and Me Received so much Blessings from YouSayToo!

I'm so happy for my fellow blogger and friend, Red or Marose of Earn Money Online with Red because she was one of the winners of YouSayToo's $100 Social Bookmarking Challenge.

I know how it feels to win the unexpected because I also feel the same way too when I also received $500 from YouSayToo's Blog Awards last February.

If you don't know it yet what is all about, check out my My Greatest Dream Gift Blog entry because this entry helped our church a lot.

My other blogger and facebook friend Levy of Living Life to the Fullest, (as you can see from the photo above, she's at the 3rd place while I'm the 4th one ) who also won $500 from the Blog Awards.

Isn't that great how God is so Good to us that He gave us this huge and unexpected blessings! We are so thankful to YouSayToo because it is not only a great site where we can promote our blog but it's a great site where you can Win Exciting Prizes and Received the Unexpected Blessings from God. 

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