My Computer Eyeglasses

Since we have an Internet café business, my eyes are always prone to computer radiation everyday, where I always spend several hours a day facing the pc, that's when my eyes gets tired already and I can't even stay for an hour because I am having a watery & irritated eyes.

That's when I had decided to buy and made a customized pink framed Computer Eyeglasses which is specially designed to those who are having a Computer Vision Syndrome  like me.

I had been using this for more than 3 years now and it helps me a lot in reducing my Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) Symptoms. Actually this time, I seldom used it since my eyes is not watery and irritating anymore.

If you or your child spend more than two hours per day in front of a computer screen, it's likely you will experience some degree of computer vision syndrome. Symptoms of CVS include:

* Headaches
* Loss of focus
* Burning eyes
* Tired eyes
* Double vision
* Blurred vision
* Neck and shoulder pain

To reduce your risk of Computer Eye Strain and Computer Vision Syndrome, see an Eye Care professional who specializes in computer vision care. During a computer vision exam, your Eye doctor will perform tests to detect any vision problems that might contribute to CVS. Depending on the outcome of the exam, your Eye doctor may prescribe Computer Eyeglasses to help you work more comfortably at your computer.

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