My Last Depo Provera Shot Today

I went out earlier to have my 3-month Depo-Provera Shot . I had been using this Birth Control method for more than 2 years now and my Ob-gyne advised me to stop it and this will be my last Depo Shot because it is not good for my health and there are some disadvantages of using it.

With my experience using Depo-Provera Shot, I find it an easy to way to Control birth since I just take a shot once in every 3 months. I used Birth Control Pills before but I gained a lot of weight and sometimes I forgot to take the pills.

My daughter will be 3 years old this coming July and me my hubby has decided to have another one this year. And that would be enough then. lol! We had decided to have only 2 kiddos. Well hope and pray that this time it would be a baby boy since we already have our adorable daughter.

Wish us good luck my friends!

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