One of Pinoy's Favorite Food this Lenten Season, Binignit!

I went out earlier to buy some viand but I was surprised when I saw most of the displayed raw foods in our market here are the main ingredients for binignit recipe. I think it is one of Pinoy's favorite food to eat specially this Lenten Season that's why I had also decided to buy these ingredients so I could also prepare and cook this food.

Here are the ingredients of our Binignit recipe:

2 pc white gabi, cubed
1/2 cup sugar
4 pcs yellow camote (sweet potatoes), cubed
3 packs colorful sago ( I bought yellow, pink, and orange )
4 pcs ripe cardaba banana, sliced
2 cups coconut milk
1 cup coconut milk, diluted with water
1/4 kilo jackfruit

How to Cook Binignit:


Cook gabi, camote, and cardabang saging (or plantain bananas) in diluted coconut milk.

Add sugar, coloful sago and jackfruit

Simmer until all ingredients are tender and mixture is thick.

Add 2 cups coconut milk. Cook in medium heat.

Do not boil or liquid will curdle. Adjust amount of coconut milk to your available ingredients.

Serve hot.

Here it is!

Have a Blessed Good Friday Everyone!

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