Selling my Defective Items in Ebay

I had been selling some of my stuffs online in since July 2005 and I'm so proud to say that I am earning a lot of money just by selling some of my  used things  and even the defective ones.
I usually sell my old clothes like tops and blouses, skirts, shoes, pants, bags and even my fancy jewelries and other accessories.
I even sold my old magazines, vcd and dvd movies and cd song albums.
I also sell some defective items like my mobile phones, digital cameras, and some computer parts and accessories like hard disk, monitor, webcam, and printer.

Right now I am actively selling my hubby's phone, its the Samsung SGH- P520. 
You can check out my list here and my My Ebay Profile Feedback  from my buyers.

My tips and advice if you want to sell your items in Ebay, just take a look around your house specially on your basement, storage room, and closet where you had keep all your stuffs and look for some of your things that you don't need or use anymore.
Take a good picture of the items that you want to sell.

To avoid paying  on selling fees, just make your ad simple without layouts. But just make sure you make a good and detailed description of the item you are selling.
Don't just throw your unused or damaged items because you never know that you're junk may be useful to others.
And plus the fact that you can make money out of your junk, this is indeed a great way to earn money too.

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