So Excited for my Mom & Sis Holiday!

        That's my Sexy Mom on the left and my Younger Sister on the right

I went out yesterday to make a reservation of an apartment where my mom and my younger sister will stay in for their 1 month holiday. My mom loves to stay on this apartment that she used to rent every time she will have her holiday here because it is near the beach and she loves swimming at the beach every morning. 

They will arrive 2 weeks from now. I am so excited since its been a year that I haven't seen my mom and specially my younger sister because I haven't seen her for 13 years! She was only 6 years old when I first saw her and now she's already 19. She's a real grown up lady now and she's actually taller than me and my mom. She is a half swiss and half filipina. Well good thing she understands English so I don't have to worry talking to her but I think I have to wear some high heels here to reach her out. lol! 

It's gonna be a fun time and a great family bonding for us! I just can't wait to see them and my family too. 

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