Been very Busy on My Mom & Sis Holiday!

I had been very busy these days because of My mom and my younger sister's 1 month holiday here with us. That's why I cannot do the blog hopping and update my posts of my blog everyday.

They always love to go out, strolling around and do some shopping. I also want to spend my time with them since I only see my mom once in every year. And its my first time to be with my younger sister too. I only saw her when she 6 years old. And now she's a grown up lady already. How time runs so fast!

They love to eat and dine outside.This time I also have to forget to my diet since I am very much tempted to eat my favorite foods. lol!

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! They love it and so am I! We are having so much fun choosing and buying the things that we like. 

                                               My sister sun bathing at the pool

                         My mom and my daughter swimming at the beach

Swimming! They also love it but I kinda don't like it since I don't want to get dark. Since my sister has a white skin, she loves to have a Sun Tanning though Sun Bathing because she wants to have a brown skin complexion just like me and my mom.
                                           Me and my daughter on a Jacuzzi Pool

My daughter also loves to swim in the swimming pool and in the beach that's why I have to get myself soak in and swim too! Sometimes I forgot to apply a Sunblock cream and I ended up having too much dark skin. But this time, I will never forget to apply it to avoid having a sunburn skin.

One of my mom's plan on their holidays is to visit our relatives and friends in our hometown in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon and also visit some of the tourist spots in Camiguin Island.

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