Belly Dancing Exercise

I accompanied my mom and my younger sister yesterday to the Fitness Gym since they want to flatten their belly's because they are eating too much now that they had their 1 month holiday here in the Philippines.

This local fitness gym offers a wide variety of exercise like aerobics, gym fitness, modern / pop music dance lessons, lap / pole dancing and also Belly Dancing.
I took this photos when we were invited to see their Belly dancing session. These dancers are students who learns how to do the Belly dance. 

My mom actually learns Belly Dancing Exercise in her place in Switzerland and she wants to try out the local Belly Dancing lessons so she enrolled yesterday and she will start her session today. 
Belly dancing exercise can require continuous movement for at least thirty minutes and this type of exercising is a great way for losing weight.  Belly dancing exercise uses the big muscles of our bodies and the great thing about that it that using those muscles results in more calories being burned.

So If you're looking for a great way to keep fit and are tired with going to the gym or running, then try getting some Belly Dancing Exercise! Most people look at belly dancing as being a form of exotic dance, but when you look at it as a form of exercise, you'll quickly see why it's a great way of staying in shape.

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