The Crescent Moon and The Evening Star

We celebrated our 10th year Anniversary of our Church yesterday and after our anniversary celebration in the afternoon, we went to the beach to continue our celebration together with our fellow church members. It was around 6 o'clock when I saw The Evening Star visibly sitting on top of The Crescent Moon.

It was actually my first time to see the moon and the star together. It looks so amazing and wonderful. I wasn't able to capture it since at that time I was enjoying myself swimming at the beach together with my daughter. It was blackout at that time and the beach is just so dark but the beauty of the moon and the star really shines.

According to Yahoo, The “evening star” is, as many may know already, the planet Venus. It is the brightest object in the night sky after Moon so people thought in the early days (before we has astronomy) it was a star.

Actually, when Venus is seen in the Easter sky before the sunrise it is referred to as a “morning star” and when it is seen in the evening in the west after sunset (similar to what just happened last night) it’s called an “evening star.”

Venus appeared as  a star because Venus’ orbit lies inside Earth’s orbit around the Sun. When the orbit of Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun, it also reflects the light of the Sun to earth so that when it moves from the evening to the morning sky, it becomes very visible to us and appears as a “star”.

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