I Need to Go to a Blind Masseur!

After all this Muscle aches and pains in my back, shoulder, and almost all parts of my body, I really want to go back to a Blind Masseur. We have a Blind Masseur Center here in our city that offers a  Shiatsu and Sweddish Therapeutic Massage complemented with Facial Strokes, Accupressure and Reflexology. As we all know, this are one of the more effective ways of dealing with STRESS. It is like a self cleansing mechanism for the body where the muscles are relaxed to enhance circulation and speed up the removal of waste, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the tissues. I usually go for Reflex for my whole body which is worth P200 for 1 hour.

These Blind Masseurs are really good. They can easily find all those Muscle pains in my body. I am truly satisfied with their service that's why I am planning to go back there to easy the pain I am having right now.

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