I have a Blurry Vision ;-(

You see that photo above with the word Covenant? I can still read that huge word but under that words which are sentence in it I can't clearly see it. That is my problem now. I have a blurry vision and I find it hard to read those small words or sentences.

I know this is caused by Computer Vision Syndrome. It's not only me but my hubby is also facing the same problem. We do have have an internet cafe business that's why our eyes are always exposed to computer screen everyday.

I read an article from Wisegeek and according to the site, The problem lies in the difference between images on a computer screen and real-world images. The human eye is designed to focus on real-world objects, which by nature have clearly defined boundaries. Even print on a page, for example, displays sharp borders and high contrast that extends to the letters’ edges.

Conversely, a computer screen creates letters by grouping dots or colored pixels closely together. Zooming in on a computerized letter will reveal that rounded or curved edges are not smooth and solid, but irregular and indistinct. The eyes have a harder time maintaining focus on a computer display for this reason, and involuntarily drift to what is termed “the resting point of accommodation."

It is important to note that computers sit at a distance that reading glasses and bifocals are not intended to correct, as reading material is held closer. The display also sits higher than reading material held in the hands, making bifocals difficult to use without tipping the head back, creating shoulder and neck strain. By testing for computer vision, your optometrist can give you the perfect prescription for using your computer to reduce symptoms of CVS. When the display is brought into into clearer focus, the eye muscles will not have to work as hard.

Computer glasses, whether they contain a prescription or not, can also be polarized to eliminate glare. If you use a CRT monitor, consider upgrading to an LCD or flat panel display. These displays do not emit UV radiation. If you must use a CRT monitor, include filters for UV blockage in your computer glasses.

Good thing I had able to purchased a customized   computer eyeglasses  a few years ago which really helps in preventing my blurry vision. 

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