It's My First Time to Vote!

It's actually my first time and I am excited to vote this coming Election Day on May 10. I actually find it hard to choose whom will I going to vote specially on the national candidates. But finally I had been able to choose the right candidates based on my belief, my criteria and their platform of government.

I knew from a fellow blogger friend here that we will be able to Find our Precinct Online through COMELEC Precinct Finder Website and I had successfully checked my profile and my Precinct number as well as the school where I will go to vote this coming Monday.

For new voters like me, I am a little intimidated by the fancy technology used for the 2010 Presidential elections. However, the new automated process is being employed for quick, easy, and transparent counting that should minimize fraud. Good thing I had found  this quick guide online on How to Vote in an Automated Election and this step by step procedure really helps me a lot. 

So to all my fellow Filipino voters, we have to choose wisely because our every vote counts. 

Good luck!

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