Mommy Rose Anniversary Blog Give Away


Mommy Rose of Obstacles and Glories is celebrating her blog's anniversary. And as a celebration, she is having a blog anniversary giveaway which was proudly sponsored by CSN Online Store.

One lucky winner of her giveaway from Canada and America will be receiving a $100 promotional code to be used to acquire any CSN products that cost up to $100. I visited CSN Online Store and I  find lots of beautiful home decors that costs below $100.

I would like to have this GamaSonic Atmosphere Color Changing Vase because attractive color changing design and  it creates a unique and soothing atmosphere. The sale price is just $ 41.99 and its Free of Shipping Fee.

But if you are not from Canada and America like me who is residing here in the Philippines, you can still win $25.00 which will be sent to your Paypal account. Isn't that cool?

Her giveaway begins May 15, 2010 and ends June 14, 2010. So Hurry! JOIN NOW!

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