My Digital Camera Problems

Last year,my Canon Powershot s50 slightly dropped in the water while I having taking a shot with my mom and my daughter. Half of the camera's body was soaked in water and I can see the water inside the flash lens. I was trying to turn it on but I can hear and smell the bursting of some parts inside the camera. My hubby immediately pulled out the battery and let the camera dried out on the sun.

But sadly, it doesn't work . I bought a  new replacement battery for this camera and good thing I had Purchased it online in Ebay. My camera works again but this time, it doesn't have a flash anymore and sometimes the picture is quite blurry when you captured it in an unstable shot.

The other day, my mom's BenQ DC-C700 digital camera accidentally fell in the beach too and the problem is also the battery since it has been busted and burned. We had been looking for a replacement battery for this digicam but we couldn't find it here in our local store. But will also try to Shop online since this battery is hard to find. My mom already gave this digital camera to me. I just hope that it will be okay when I buy a new battery for this. 

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