My Greatest Inspiration...

Since I became a Christian a few years ago, my life was completely changed, renewed and I am filled with God's spirit and blessings. And it is all because of my hubby who is used by God as an instrument in helping me changed my way of life and made me became a true believer and a follower of  Christ. 

                                         My hubby, Me and My Mother in law

My hubby's family helped me and mold me in becoming a true Christian. I am so thankful to God that I had found a good family who devoted their life completely on Jesus Christ. Their family was the pioneering of our church. All their time and effort they give it all to the church. My mother in law was our Senior Pastor but she died a few months ago and  she was replaced by my brother in law who is the Youth Pastor of our church. 

                                 My father in law, brother in law and my hubby

I am really inspired by their family since they are a Family of Musicians. My mother in law was used to be the song leader, my father in law was the bassist, my brother in law was the drummer and my hubby was the lead / rhythm guitarist. 
Me leading the Praise and Worship

When I became part of their family, I became the Praise and Worship leader of our church. I am so thankful to God because He had given me this anointing and talent to usher and welcome his Holy Spirit. I am not just performing in front of many people but I am using my talent to glorify God. 

                                                My hubby playing the lead guitar

My hubby is the lead guitarist and at the same time the music director of our Church Music Team. I am also blessed with my daughter's talent because at her very young age, she is now showing her talent and skills in playing the drums. I know she will develop this talent when she grows up and she will also continue doing God's work just like her parents. 

                                 My daughter showing her talent in playing drums

Truly it is indeed a Blessing and Honor for us like what the scripture in the Bible says in Joshua 24:15  that "As For Me and My House, We Will Serve The Lord" and it is definitely what we are doing now. Me and my Greatest Inspiration which is my family are very  much happy in serving the Lord with all our hearts.

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