My One Hot Fashionable Momma

At first glance, I know you would not thought that she is my mom. Well, That's my ever fashionable mom. Most people would think that we are sisters. 

She is always been trendy and "IN"  for the Latest Fashion Trends. She is actually sexier that me and my younger sister. lol!

Her fashion and style can be in elegant, casual, sexy or hippy look. She can carry that well.

My mom is also a Certified Shopaholic and she loves buying those expensive Designer bags, Perfumes, clothes, shoes and Make ups. Me and my younger sister are the inheritors of her things that's why when she buy something new, her old things will be given to us and that's what we also like about our mom. ^_^

Right now, I have an eye on her lovely gladiator high heels, J.Lo sunglasses, Paris Hilton belt and bag and Beyonce perfume. I hope she will give it to me when she go back home from her holiday here. ;-)

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