My Wish and My Heart's Desire

I have my own personal wishes and I am also hoping that it would come true by God's grace but my hearts desire and my ultimate wish is to help our church.

As you can see, we don't have a church building. Our church is made up of Nipa hut roof top and pure soil flooring with no walls and it is just surrounded with fruit trees and plants while dogs, chicken and mosquitoes are free to enter our church.

My wish is to have a church building for our church so we could feel the comfort while sitting down and listen to the word of God, Praising and Thanking Him and enjoying the fellowship together with our fellow church members.

We are using this multicab of ours not only for our personal use but we also used it to gather our fellow church members and letting them ride on it to church and also used it when have some other activities outside the church. We bought it second hand and it has so many problems with its spare parts. We already spent a lot of money repairing this car but still it can't help since it is always overloaded with people. It doesn't have a roof at the back and the people riding at the back will experience the heat of the sun and if it rains, it really pours because they also get wet on it.


I wish we could buy a Mini Bus so that we don't have any problems for the ride of our fellow church members. It is the best and most comfortable way to also invite other people to come to church specially those who are living in remote areas because their main problem why they can't come to church is that they don't have a fare.

One of my earnest desire is to help in providing more musical instruments for our church.

I know in God's time and will, He will give us our desire to buy a new set of drums, an amplifier and mixer, several microphones, an electric guitar, mixer, keyboard and an LCD Projector.

God already gave me a happy and blissful life that's why this time, I am giving Him back all the Honor through my wishes and prayers and I know He will surely grant it because this is for His Kingdom and for His Glory.

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