Nostalgia # 1 - Our Christian Wedding


Mommy Rose of Nostalgic Marveling has officially started her interesting Nostalgia Meme where you can post anything that reminds you as it brings back some memory or a flashback from the past.

One of my Most Memorable experiences is our Christian Wedding way back 6 years ago. My husband and I had our wedding ceremony at the hotel.

I personally believe that all marriages are blessed by God when you incorporate your faith in your marriage ceremony. Even though our ceremony was not held in the church, our ceremony was conducted by an ordained Minister who is a Pastor  and the ceremony was started with an opening prayer, vows and ring ceremonies that expressed our spiritual views, relevant Scripture readings, and a blessing of our union from our officiant.

All of us including our guests and specially on my family and my hubby's side are crying while we are giving our heartfelt messages to both of our parents and so with them who are also sharing their advices to us being the newlywed couples.

Most of my family and friends are active Christians and everyone loved our ceremony and had a great time including my mom and my step dad. It was indeed a blissful wedding which is showered with abundant blessing from God.

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