Nostalgia # 2 - My Mom's Ex Husband


Thanks again Mommy Rose for inviting me to join your lovely and meaningful meme. This really reminds me of the good things and bad things in the past. Well, speaking of the past, in case you are wondering and curious about the title of my post, this is my story of my Mom's Ex husband named Patric.

My mom was actually married 4 times. I am the eldest and I am the only one on her 1st marriage, I have a younger brother on her 2nd marriage and I also have 2 siblings on her 3rd marriage. But with Patric on his last marriage, they had no children.

I first met and knew him when they had a holiday here in the Philippines and they attended my High School graduation. 

He is such a good person and he treats me well as if his own daughter. And since I did not grew up having a father, I also treated him as real father. He is actually the one who supported me financially in pursuing my college degree

And even on my wedding day, he really wants to be the proud father of the bride.

He is even more proud when he already had a grand daughter. 

He really loves my daughter as if his own child. He even bought so many toys and things needed for my daughter. 

                  He loves to play along with my 5 months old baby at that time.

It was just a sad marriage for my mom because for more than 9 years of being together as a couple, it suddenly came to an end last year. My mom said its because of so many things that they do not agree with each other. One of the reasons also is that my mom cannot bear a child anymore and we know that he really loves kids and he wants to have his own that's why he looked for another woman who could give him a child. 

It was so painful on my mom's side. Its so sad but its the fact that's why they ended up having a divorce. They are actually officially divorced now and I am happy to see that my mom has already moved on with her life. She really had a fighting spirit and courageous heart  to overcome all the trials she had faced. 

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