Our Prayer Points for the Upcoming Elections

I wasn't able to bloghop and make a post in my blog yesterday because I attended our overnight church Prayer and Fasting which had started from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. I am so thankful to God for the strength He had given me because I did not feel hungry and I am not sleepy at all.

One of the things that we prayed is for the upcoming Elections. So here are some Points that we prayed. I hope you will also include these prayers  in your  own prayers for the welfare of our nation.

1. Pray that the church in the Philippines will be united in spirit, soul and body concerning this one thing.

2. We pray to bind every stronghold of the devil on this land, we command every forces of darkness to depart out of this land and we pray that righteousness will spring forth through the land, that righteousness and peace rule the land.

3. Pray for honest and clean Elections.

4. Pray for angels to guard all precincts all over the land, that they will watch over the entire counting process up to the final tabulation in Congress.

5.Pray that the Computerized Election System might not be an instrument to cheating in the Election results.

6. Pray for God's Mighty hand upon the SmartMatic people, that they will not be corrupted into cheating the election process.

7. Pray for the angels to watch over PCOS Machines, that they will not bog down, that the whole election process will go smoothly.

8. Pray for COMELEC for God's Mighty hand to be upon them, to hinder them from becoming instruments of fraud in the Elections.

9. Pray for God to weed out corrupt candidates, so that they cannot plunder the people and the nation anymore.

10. Pray for the Glory of God to cover our entire nation on May 10, that His Sovereign will over these Elections shall prevail.

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