Prayers for my Uncle's Recovery on his Coma Stage

                        Me, my Mom and my Uncle when he was on his good health

Yesterday, we went to our hometown to visit my uncle (my mom's brother) who is in comatosed stage who is suffering from Colon cancer. We really felt so pity on my uncle's condition this time. He was confined in the hospital's ICU for 2 weeks and from March 23 until today, he still remains in vegetative state.

When my mom talked to him, we know he could listen to us and we saw a tear falling from his eyes. He even striving hard to move a little bit because he wants to reach my mom's hands. It is just too bad he can't talk and he can't even see us clearly. It's only our voice he can recognize. It is really hard for us to see him in his poor and pity condition.

It's only his determination to fight for his life, if he could still take all the medicines and medication every day and a big miracle from God could save him. We will continue praying for his recovery because we know God is the Great Healer and is the Great Doctor of all. 

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