Rainy Days is Here!

                                  Photo taken at my father in law's backyard

It's been several days that we experienced rainy days here in our place. I think its a good sign that we are now approaching the rainy season here which usually started in the month of June. When we had our band practice  in our church earlier, it rained so hard and I could really feel the huge sound of the raindrops falling and the cold wind blowing in my skin. 
                                      Another rainy shot I captured earlier

I am glad since we could no longer use our air conditioners and electric fans more often in almost 24 hours and we can now reduced our monthly electric consumption. I am also hoping that there will be no more brownouts here in our place since the main reason of the everyday rotational brownout schedule its because of the El NiƱo phenomenon that has dramatically reduced the output of the hydro power generators.

Now, after all those hot sweaty summer, Rainy Days is Really Here and I welcome it with a BIG SMILE!  ^_^

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