Slimming Coffee, Anyone?

I had actually tried this Slimming Coffee a few months ago which was introduced to me by an online friend of mine who said that it really helps in losing her weight. 

I purchased this Leisure Slimming Coffee in Ebay worth P250 pesos per box and each box contains 18 sachets so that's 18 days of drinking this coffee.

The coffee tastes bland and not tasty at all that's why I added  added more Nescafe 3-in-1 for flavor and color. I was not able to finish drinking this coffee for 18 days since at that time I was busy with my business and church activities and I was lazy enough to continue drinking it. I had only consumed it for 1 week and within that 1 week, I really noticed those semi - bulging tummy of mine flattened already.

Leisure Slimming Coffee is indeed very effective and I never experienced any side effects on it. I just don't like the taste at all.

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