Swiss Chocolates!

My mom and my younger sister lives in Switzerland and this time, I am so excited for their arrival this coming Thursday for their 1 month holiday here. Aside from their presence is of course I am craving for my favorite Swiss Chocolates! I have to forget my diet this time because its my day of feasting for my favorite food. lol!

Everyone has heard of delicious Swiss Chocolates. These tasty morsels that melt in the mouth are made with milk and cream from Swiss cows that feed on the green meadows of the Swiss countryside. Every tourist in Switzerland is sure to return with boxes of Swiss chocolates for their friends and loved ones back home. Milk chocolate is a Swiss invention that has won the hearts of food lovers worldwide, including the Swiss people who have among the world's highest rates of chocolate consumption.

Swiss Chocolates is internationally recognized for its excellent quality. The high content of superb cocoa butter, which gives chocolate its smooth, creamy, texture and the high standards of manufacturing make Swiss chocolate a sought after commodity worldwide.

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