A Thousand Dollars Payment Received from a Pinay at Neobux

I was just amazed how this fellow Pinay blogger earn a huge bucks in PTC sites like Neobux. She's really good in referring people that's why she had made this time a Thousand Dollars in Neobux alone. 

Here are some of her neobux tips and tricks:
  • Keep on clicking daily. Never miss it.
  • Get direct referrals. Getting referrals is easy if you advertise your neobux referral link everywhere in the internet. The best sites where I get my referrals are at sulit, usfreeads, facebook, twitter, mylot, forums, peoplestring, easyhits4u, and a lot more.
  • Upgrade to golden then eventually to ultimate. You will get all the benefits and perks if you are an ultimate member. You may need to invest some money but its worth it. You will get your money back 200% or even more in a couple of months.
  • Rent referrals and always extend to 90 days. Another investment you need to make if you are really serious making money at neobux.

Her site How a Pinay Makes Money Online is all about her Certified Work at Home Based Part Time Online Jobs, online businesses and more.

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