What I am Thankful for this Past Year

I am  joining the Three Cheers and Many Thanks Blog Contest by Teacher Ria and one of the ways to win her contest is to make a blog entry about what I am grateful and thankful for this past year. 

But first, here are the complete link list of her sponsors:

So here's my entry:

1. I am so thankful to Ebay because I am earning money from my old, used and even junk items like my shoes, bags, jeans, accessories and even my personal gadgets like mobile phones, digicam, mp4 etc.

I am also thankful to God that since 2005 and until today, I do have a 100% positive feedbacks from my buyers. So that means that people really do trust me. There are many scammers online but I feel so blessed that people are putting their trust on me based on my feedback reputation.

I had actually made a lot of money out of it that’s why I consider selling items in Ebay as my primary money maker online.

2. Its been my hubby's family legacy since 1985 in making and sewing huge curtains for hotels, schools, politicians, businessmen, and for rich and famous people here in our city and to other places too.My father in-law does the main job on the planning and preparation,choosing the right tracking system or pole,  measuring and estimation of the  face fabric requirements, sewing the curtains and installing it. 

My mother in-law does the customer sales, my brother in-law does the pleating and cutting of the textile, and my hubby is the one assisting my father-in-law in sewing the curtain. Both of them does the hard job actually. 

I am just amazed how they do this kind of business. It is just unique for a family doing this kind of work and to think that men can do the sewing of curtain. I actually don't know how to sew using an electric sewing machine but my hubby and my father-in-law does it perfectly and it is a big money when its done. I am so thankful to God for their great sewing skills. When it is a package deal where it includes the whole house including living room, dining room, bedrooms etc, that would usually costs around $2,000.

                   My daughter smiling and the hard earned money from his father

3. We actually received this huge pile of money last December as payment out from my husband's hard work in sewing huge curtains from a local Mayor's newly built house here.

                       My hubby & my father in-law's finished-made curtains
It is actually a rare opportunity and a huge blessings for us because out from my hubby's inherited skills from his father in sewing specially designed personalized curtains, we had able to bought an additional 2 pc units for our internet cafe business.

                        The 2 additional pc units we bought for our internet cafe 

I am so thankful to God for these marvelous blessings and unmerited favor He had given to us. We are hoping  and praying for more curtains to sew so we could add more pc units for our i-cafe. 

                                      I used my talent to glorify and honor God

I used to be a dancer during my high school and college days and I also have this golden voice but since I became a Christian, I used my talent in singing where I used to be the Praise and Worship leader of our church for almost 6 years now and we already performed in many different churches, places, and fellowship gatherings. My hubby is the one playing the lead guitar too. We offer up our lives to God and we want to use our talent to Honor Him and Glorify His Name!

And What's the Result? 

                               I Received a $500 Special Donation for our Church 

      We bought a set of cymbals, stand and pedal for our drum set in our church

4. I joined a Blog Awards Contest in YouSayToo  and even though I did not win the 1st prize, God is so Good because he touched the heart of the admin of the site and they donated $500 for our church in buying some additional instruments because that is my purpose why I joined their contest.

As a true follower and servant of the Lord, I am walking into God's Blessings. I always expect BIG Things because I know ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with GOD! 

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