When I Gave Birth at Home

                             Preggy Me @ 5 months

At first I am very hesitant of having a baby. Me and my hubby have been together for more than 5 years already and we still didn't think of having a baby at that time. 

Just when the time comes that my parents and my in-laws wants to have a grandchild from us, then we just decided to have a baby.

During my pregnancy, its not that hard at all because I am not picky or craving for something specially when it comes to food. I don't like to stay at home, I always want to go out, roaming around and I still have time to go to a beauty salon to let my hair fix and my nails done... hehehe! And they said if a pregnant woman who always love to beautify herself, the child will be a girl. And I think that's true.

Since this is my first pregnancy, my mom always advises me to regularly visit my Ob Gyne for my pre-natal check-up, ultrasound and many others. 

And when the time comes that I was about to give birth to my baby , comes the very difficult experience I had ever experienced in my entire life.

I just gave birth at home. I wasn't able to go to a nearest hospital because I feel that my baby would come out already. All the mixed emotions I felt during that time.

We just hire a traditional midwife and it only takes 2 hours that I had my labor and then I gave birth to my baby girl. And take note: the baby was completely breech! Her feet was the first to came out.

It was so hard for me, I almost couldn't breath because the head of my baby was the last to came out.

My baby has many black spots all over her legs due to the shortness of breathing I had experienced during my delivery.

But I am so thankful to God that despite of all the trials I had faced during my pregnancy  up to the day that I was about to deliver my baby was very successful.

And If I had went to the hospital, that would cost us much because I had go to a Caesarean delivery because my baby is totally in breech position.

                          Our Family Photo 2 Days After I Gave Birth

I'm so happy back then my baby came to the world. She was 7.8 pounds and a healthy and bouncing baby girl!

Me and my hubby are so happy that we had a child already. Its a complete feeling of true happiness that at last we can be called a Family. 

We thank God for all the GREAT BLESSING He had given unto us.... and that's our precious daughter. 

This is my forever cherished memories of my pregnancy. Check out more of great pregnancy stories only here in 

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