Bleeding Gums

I had noticed it for several days now that every time I brush my teeth, I have a bleeding gums. I had been searching on the internet on its cause why I am experiencing it and now I knew that one of its causes is nutritional deficiency wherein I lack of Vitamin C and K.

I also have to avoid hard and fast brushing and I just knew that hard diets and snacks can cause bleeding gums such as chips, sour foods or drinks, hot drinks, carbonated acid drinks, and sticky chocolates. I should also rinse my mouth with mouth fresheners often.

I have to use a soft bristled toothbrush and I should use vitamin supplements in case of deficiency. A well-balanced nutritious diet, proper mastication, and brushing away the food particles in the mouth after every meal is a must. Oral hygiene and dental health is very important as well. Thanks to Steady Health for the helpful information. Now I know what I should do in order to avoid having a bleeding gums.

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