Ciao Bellas My Dearest Mom and Sis!

I wasn't able to post and do some blog hopping yesterday because I was busy on our little Despedida Party for my mom and my sis. We were spending some more remaining time of their stay here and valued each others company.

We accompanied them to the airport earlier at around 5am because their flight was at 6:45am. Their destination was to Cebu and from Cebu City to Singapore and from Singapore to Switzerland. It's kinda tiring since they have to wait for 6 hours in Cebu for their flight in Singapore and they also have to wait for 4 hours in Singapore for their flight to Swiss.

Well gonna be missing you my Dear Mom and Sis! Take care always. We love you so much! Have a safe and sound trip and God bless you both and See You Next Year!

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