Coca Cola serves as her Water

While my sister was having her holiday here, she's really addicted in drinking Coca cola everyday. I haven't seen her drinking water and only Coca cola serves as her water. She can drink for up to 2 liters a day. I advised her not to drink too much on it because it is not good for her health.

I admit I am also a coca cola drinker but I am trying my best to minimize my drinking because I have a family friend of ours who died in obesity of drinking too much Coca cola.

I had read an article from Ehow about the Negative Effects of Coca Cola to our health because One can of Coke can contain about 10 percent sugar. Large amounts of sugar in a person's diet are related to high stress levels, and while it doesn't directly cause diabetes, it can worsen a diabetic's situation. Sugar also contributes to weakening immune systems because yeast and bacteria in the body feed on sugar. It can even speed the aging process when it becomes attached to proteins, which causes a loss in elasticity.

In diet drinks, the sugar is substituted with saccharin (or aspartame) to provide a sweetener, and has been researched as a possible cause of bladder cancer. There are also a small percentage of people who cannot physically metabolize the amino acid in aspartame, causing it to build up in the bloodstream. High-fructose corn syrup is metabolized differently in the human body than natural sugars because the corn syrup is a product of genetically altered plants. Nutritionists have scrutinized connections between obesity, diabetes and high-fructose corn syrup.

The potassium benzoate used in Coke products harms DNA in mitochondria of cells in the body, inactivating their ability to produce energy. Another health issue is that the recurrent exposure of the acid added to Coca-Cola contributes to the probability of tooth decay because of its reaction with calcium in teeth. The phosphoric acid is dangerous for those with a pre-existing stomach ulcer.

Coca-Cola is also known to be a highly caffeinated beverage, and substantial caffeine intake acts as a diuretic and has negative effects, including hyperactivity.

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