Cough and Colds During the Rainy Season

It's raining here almost everyday and my daughter is starting to have a cough and cold since yesterday. Her uncle has a cough and cold because he was caught up by the rain and he was very wet when he arrived home. My daughter was infected when she played and kissed him. That is how contagious and infectious that kind of disease is. I already let her take some over-the-counter medicines for her cough and cold. I hope she will be better tomorrow.

According to UNILAB, Coughs and Colds are commonly spread through bacteria or virus infected droplets coughed or sneezed in the air. Since most of the people are indoors specially this rainy season, the probability of spreading this conditions is higher because the air inside the house cannot circulate well. And this makes the bacteria easily transmittable.

Here are some tips to prevent Cough and Colds:

* Frequent handwashing can reduce your chances of getting a cough and cold
* Use disposable tissues when sneezing or coughing
* Wear warm clothes
*Keeping your fingers out of yours eyes and nose can help you from getting a cold.
*Drinking lots of water can help you recover from the cold.
*Over the counter cold/cough medications can alleviate cold symptoms which can help you stop or prevent from coughing.

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