Depression Can Make You Slim, Do You Agree?

I have a cousin and she's really fat even before she got married and gave birth on her 1st baby. But when her 1 year old daughter died, she was so depressed and she neglected her health and she don't have the appetite to eat.

Now, she is all the way too thin and too slim. Before she has a 36 inches waistline and now she's already having a 24 inches waist size and she has a cheek bone too.

I think when you get depressed and can't eat it starts to affect your health pretty quickly, you get weak and dizzy, and the emotional frustration of knowing you need to eat but just not being able to adds to the emotional distress you're feeling in the first place.

But I also think it depends on the person. Not everyone stops eating when they get depressed, so over eat (emotional eating because of depression can become Binge Eating Disorder) and gain lots of weight. Some people, you may not even notice that they have been in a deep depression until it's too late.

Depression makes both slim and put on weight.Some people when in depression tend to eat more when ever they feel depressed.So naturally they put on weight,but some people when they feel depressed will not feel like looking after themselves or even don't feel like eating as they would not have appetite.And naturally they lose weight and become slim.

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