Did I Marry My Dream Man?

Back in my high school days, I was dreaming I could marry a foreigner  preferably a European who is a handsome and rich man. My mom already planned a good future for me because she promised me that after I had finished my course in college, I will follow her in Switzerland to live with her, have a good job and find my dream man.

But it wasn't happened when I met my last boyfriend who is now my beloved hubby. I was living in an easy-go-lucky life since I was independent when I was in college. I live alone in an apartment, always receiving a monthly allowance from my mom, I used to hang out with my friends while going out bar hopping, partying, disco dancing, and  shopping where I could get all the stuffs that I want. That was my liberated life before but when I met Michael and became my boyfriend, everything was completely changed. And I changed a lot because of my LOVE for him.

My liberated life was changed into a conservative one and I am so thankful for that because of Him, I came to know more about Jesus and I am now living a life with full of happiness, love and fear of the Lord. And because of that, we don't have any problems with our marriage because we always place God at the center of our relationship.

He is not my Dream Man.... But He is My God’s Will. And I am so thankful to God because I did not choose the right man for me,But it is God who chose the righteous man to be with me... FOREVER.

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