Father and Daughter Bonding

We had a wonderful Father’s Day Celebration earlier at our church. All the children expressed their thanks and gratitude to their fathers. I was really touched by their heartwarming messages. And since my little daughter cannot say how much he thank his father, she just give him a gift, a gift that we prepared a few days earlier just for today's tribute to father. 

My hubby was so glad to see his daughter kissing and hugging him. As if she really knows what is really happening. My daughter is a very sweet and loving kid. She really expresses her love by telling us " LabLab Mama or LabLab Papa" and then she kisses us on the lips and hugs the both of us.

 After our church service, it was a bonding time for our family specially to my hubby and my daughter.

 A lovely rose was also given by my daughter to his father. 

It was a wonderful fun loving experience we had today. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's Out there!

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