Getting to Know the Fashionable Side of Me

Thanks a lot Sis Charmie of A Journey to Life for tagging me this Fashionably interesting Questions. I would love to answer this for you to know the Fashionable side of me.

So here we go...

1. What signature bag, you crave to have? 
I am craving  to have a Gold Fendi Bag!

2. What beauty products you used?
 Most of my beauty products I'm using are from AVON cosmetics.

3. What brand of lingerie you used now?
I am actually not a branded type user and I just wear a non branded comfy one.

4. What things you can't go out without ?
My mobile phone!

5. What clothing you usually wear except jeans and t-shirt?
I love wearing long blouse and pedal style leggings

6. What is your 3 favorite color for clothes?
Pink and Purple

7.What good, valuable clothing brand you recommend?
I recommend Mango, Bench, Penshoppe and Kamiseta

8. What accessories you wear everyday, and what you crave to have?
I am satisfied wearing earrings everyday.. and crave to have a pair of diamond ring!

9. What is your favorite outfit for the season?
For summer - bright colored floral dress with huge belt, flip flops or sandals
For rainy season - long blouse, pedal jeans or leggings, high heeled flip flops or sandals.

10. Are you a good bargain shopper?
Yes, I am a certified bargain shopper! I actually prefer shopping in an Ukay-Ukay!

I am also tagging this to my fellow lovely beauty bloggers...

Chris of Mommy Chris
Christina of Vivapinay

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