Girls Talk - What's in my Vanity Kit?

Whoa! I hope I am not yet late for my entry this week. I was kinda busy this time but I am trying my best to join Girl's Talk because I don't want to miss it. It's 2am here but I am still alive and kicking in taking some photos of my Vanity Kit... LOL

So here it is...

My black leather Kikay Kit sent as a gift from my mom

Chadang! It's a whole lot of eyeshadow in different shades of colors. It has also a lipstick, lip shiner, eyebrow, and a glittering powder for my arms. I actually don't use this kit that much. I only use it for special occasion.

I have my everyday vanity beauty products being used and here they are:

I have my pressed powder, dual mirror, an eyeshadow pallete and a mascara ( a winning gift courtesy of Mommy Clang ) hehehe, my 4 colorful lipstick ( purple, fuschia pink,light pink,and nude pink ), Pink Blush Me for my Cheeks, a comb, facial tissue and a hand sanitizer.

Wanna see some other Vanity Kits of my fellow Mommy Bloggers? Check it out the badge below:

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