I Want a Digital Perm Hair!

I had been planning to have a digital perm hair soon. I really envy those girls having a lovely hairstyle like this. I had seen so many Hollywood actresses and even the local ones who are having this kind of hair.

Digital Perm is a new technology, developed in Japan, and is now very popular in Asia. Hair is wrapped around ceramic rods, which are controlled digitally by a computer. This technology, combined with a special perm solution and thermal waving techniques, will create soft, bouncy waves while leaving your hair in excellent condition rather than a tight, spiral perm.

Unlike the ordinary perm which tends to make you look older because of dry and frizzy curls, Digital Perm is totally different. It will make you look sexier by giving you smooth and natural looking curls.

I grabbed this photo from a blogger who did a digital perm for her hair. I just love this one and I want to have a hair like this. I have a long straight hair since I was in high school and now for change, I want to have a big curly permed hair. I will check it out on some famous beauty saloons here in our place if they had this kind of hairstyle. And if I did make it, I would surely share to my friends some photos of my new look and new hairstyle. ^_^

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