I'm the Singer while My Hubby's the Guitarist

Well yes it is. This is our life as a member of the music ministry . I am actually the song leader of our church. As the worship leader, I am the one who will choose the song for our Praise and Worship service every Sunday. Sometimes I find it hard to choose what song we will have to play and sing with since we have to fit it for the whole congregation where all the members can familiarize the song. But we have to choose a new song so that not all old songs will be played every week.I am always looking for a new Christian Songs here in the internet or in Youtube every week and I have to show it first to my fellow music team members if they will agree on the certain song that I chose.

Every Saturday, we have our music team's practice and we will do a "sepra" on the new song that we have to play. We always bring our MP4 player so we can hear the original tune of the song and it is easier for us to follow what kind of chords that certain song are using. But often times, we don't follow the original because they will follow my keys since I don't have a very high pitch voice and I am usually using the key of D and G. 

My hubby is the guitarist of our church. He is also the trainer who teaches of all our fellow music team who plays the base guitar, the drums, keyboard and the acoustic guitar.His job is actually hard since he had to teach all of them specially when we practice a new song and tune. However, he easily manages it because our fellow team members are cooperative and willing enough to know how to play the song.

I can easily memorize the lyrics and tune of the song too so it is easier for my hubby to play a certain new song since he already knows my key. We can make a good tune and melody together. I am so thankful to God for that talent He had given us. And in return, we are using our talent to usher His Holy Presence and to glorify His Holy Name. 

Praise the Living God!

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