Looking for a Video Uploader Assistant

I saw this post from Pinoy Deal and I am reposting this one here in my blog. I will also try this job and I am also sharing this opportunity to all of you my dear friends.

They are looking for a video uploading assistant to take their video content and upload it to a YouTube-like service.

We will be paid for every video successfully uploaded to the site. Pay is on a scale, so if we upload more videos our rate will go up.

The employee must be able to know how to download files from FTPs, title and tag videos, and have a high speed Internet connection. Instructions will be given on how to use the interface.

A love for video games is a major plus. You'll also get first access to their library of video game trailers and hands-on movies! Please e-mail videouploadking@yahoo.com with "Video Uploading Assistant" in the subject line to apply. 

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