Mommy Moments - My Unforgettable Summer

I had a wonderful and perfect summer experience last month because it was my Mom and my younger sister's holiday. They spend their summer here for almost 4 weeks and we treasured each moment while they are here.

Every year, my mom always find time to have a holiday here for almost a month to spend time with us and this time it was a special holiday because my younger sister was here. She was still 5 years old when I first saw her and now she's 19 years old and she's really a grown up lady. 

My mom rented an apartment which is located near the beach since she loves swimming at the beach every morning. Almost everyday, we always go to the beach and were having some fun there.My mom, my sis and my daughter really enjoyed swimming at the beach. 

We also enjoyed swimming at the pool 

Me and my daughter also enjoyed plunging ourselves at the Jacuzzi pool 

It was also a great family bonding while we dine outside and eat together with my mom and sis.

I am also cherishing the moment to be with my ever missed sister

Even though this is the first time where my daughter met her aunt but I am happy to see they immediately get so close with each other. Even if they don't understand each other because my sister speaks Swiss-German while my daughter speaks our Visayan dialect, they still understand each other through their moves.

It was indeed an unforgettable summer I had where I spend my time together with my ever missed family and loved ones.

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