My Beauty Secret: It's All About Chinese Beauty and Treatment Products

Yes you read it right! Most of my beauty products are Chinese medicinal ones.

my treatment for pimples -I used renow-d facial cream (P35.00)

I also used fluocinonide ointment or we usually call this Argentum. It  cures wounds,insect bites,itchyness and redness of skin. (P5.00)

my facial soap -I used carica herbal soap. this is very effective for me and im proud to say i do have a rosy cheeks because of this soap. (P36.00)

my body soap - sometimes I used this GIV pink soap (P12.00)

my body lotion - Emeron Lotion (P18.00)

I am so satisfied using all this Chinese products because of the fact that it really works effectively on me and its indeed cheap and affordable too.

I am not into expensive quality beauty products because of the fact that I can't afford it and there also some high quality and popular brands around that doesn't suit my skin where I  experienced some skin rashes and allergies on it. 

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