My Daughter likes to have a Younger Sibling!

We have a member of our church who has a 3 months old baby and my daughter really loves to hug and cuddle her. Our fellow church members are teasing us to have a new baby since my daughter is starting to show her likes on babies. Before she was not like that because she felt jealous since since she wants that all attention must be to her.

My daughter will be 3 years old next month and most of my friends and relatives and even my mom had told me that it is now the right time to have another one. Actually, I am still undecided and my hubby has no plans yet. 1 child is enough for us but many said that it is not good to have only one child since she will become spoiled one when she grows up.

My first pregnancy was a hard one too since I had a breech pregnancy and I labored where my baby was completely in  breech position where the feet comes first. It was a very delicate delivery I had since I just gave birth at home. Though I had successfully delivered the baby, but I had suffered bleeding for more than a month. And that's what I am afraid of when I am going to have a 2nd baby. 

However, I am still optimistic enough and I am not concluding it. Lets just see. We are still asking for guidance and wisdom from God because I know there is a right time for this. 

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