My Simple Tips on How to Look Slimmer in Photos

If you have noticed that most of my self captured photo shots are like this where I usually lift my hands and the angle of my camera is facing down on me, well this is my secret where I look slimmer in photos. hahaha! Now its finally revealed. As you can see I was seating down and my bulging tummy is visible. However, it doesn't look so bulgy since I wear a colorful printed blouse where I don't look fat that much. 

Same thing also when I stand up, I do this kind of position and angle from the camera because its effective in making me look slimmer, do you agree with me? 

When I am being captured, I usually placed my hands on my hips so that my huge and flabby arms is not so visible. When I am wearing a dress, I also used a huge belt so that my waist and hips can still be emphasize. You also have to stand sideways to the camera. Don't just stand direct but try to make an angle. The sideways position will make you appear slimmer than the frontal look. 

Cover your body parts that you don't feel well about. If you wish you could hide your belly, then do so! why not? I am also doing that.  Hold something in your hands: a handbag, bunch of flowers or any props you like. LOL! 

Try to take the camera's attention to your body parts that you feel confident about and no one will notice the things that you would rather hide away. Once again, not everyone can look like a model and that's not necessary, because every person is beautiful in a different way. And if you have overweight or simply are not slim built, it doesn't mean you can't be attractive. 

Furthermore, if you'll think how to pose too much, you will look uncomfortable and unnatural, so it's better to be yourself to let out the real beauty. A smile and relaxing can help you look better more than any tips.

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